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in the next 48 hours what congress decides to do. but i think it's important for the american people to understand exactly what this fiscal cliff is. because it's actually not that complicated. the tax cuts that were introduced in 2001, 2003, 2010, those were extended and they're all about to expire at the end of the year. so on midnight, december 31st, if congress doesn't act, then everybody's taxes go up. and for the average family, that could mean a loss of $2,000 in income. for the entire economy, that means consumers have a lot less money to make purchases, which means businesses are going to have a lot less customers, which means that they're less likely to hire and the whole economy could slow down at a time when the economy is starting to pick up and we're seeing signs of recovery in housing and employment numbers improving. so what congress needs to do first and foremost, is to prevent taxes from going up for the vast majority of americans. and this was a major topic of discussion throughout the campaign. what i said was, that we should keep taxes where they are for 98% of a
'm gerri willis. we begin with breaking news. congress has run out the clock. there is no more time. we are of the fiscal cliff. tonight we will all begin the larger set of tax increases in american history. that is new year's to you from our elected officials. did i also mentioned you are getting a pay raise in the new year as well. all this could have been avoided if congress got its act together, but the doomsday option hit and the president set in motion. there is a chance of some sort of deal, but we have to wait until the new year. let's go directly to washington senior washington correspondent, peter barnes, with details of negotiations. >> reporter: still some pieces being negotiated tonight, particularly on the sequestration, those automatic spending cuts that are supposed to take effect on january 2nd. about $100 billion. about half of that on the past -- defense department. still trying to work through the details of some democratic and republican side. it's unclear if there will actually get to a vote in the senate on that tonight, but they could if they work something out.
there without extending the whole program. i think what you'll see in the next couple days is whether congress is serious about curtailing spending and the real cliff again will come when the markets respond to our inability to cut spending. that's where it all is. assuming the president gets all that he wants on the revenue side, that is only about $82 billion next year. that's a drop in the bucket to our deficit problems. so the real issue is spending and we got to deal with it. >> my guess is you're hearing the same thing that i hear from people. whether they're friends or family or they're people that i just -- that see me in starbucks. that is, why can't they get this done? i can't tell you the number of people who have said to me if i had a deadline at work and i just ignored it, i'd lose my job. this was yesterday on the senate floor. >> something has gone terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our american economy is our american congress. >> how did we get to this, congressman? he right? >> yes, he is. really it's the inability of congress to control spending. that is why we're in
in 2012? well, we not only have a new year, we have a new congress starting tomorrow, and of course again the new congress has got to be better than the old congress. what a colossal embarrassment. they new over a year and a half ago they had to do something to avoid america going over the fiscal cliff. they knew they had to do something in an balanced way that would include spending cuts and new revenue, and they took to the last minute to do it and we still ended up with a lousy deal that increases the payroll tax for every american and defines middle class americans as anybody making under $400,000 a year. hillary clinton still in the hospital this morning with a blood clot on her brain. so much for those idiotic republicans who accused her of faking her illness. now what i want to know is will allen west and john boldton and other republicans who criticized her get out there and apologize. don't hold your breath. i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund
continues the concerning trend throughout the 112th congress of attempting to address deficit reduction on the backs of middle income workers in the federal government. again by attacking their take-home pay. these are the dedicated folks who work at our v.a. hospitals. they protect our borders. . they run the research facilities and cure deadly disease and they provide services to the defense department, the state department. so these are the people that are doing the hard work, and this is not a way to repay them. again, they are already in the second year of a 2 1/2-year pay freeze. i agree that that pay freeze should apply to me and other members of congress. however, these hardworking federal employees should not be asked to carry even more of this burden. i thank the gentleman for yielding, and i yield back the balance of my time. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields. the gentleman from california. mr. issa: mr. speaker, i know my friend from virginia means well, but once again he talks about a lack of accomplishment. apparently he has not looked at the work th
. >> hope is fact if congress can get it done before january 1st. even congressional leaders are skeptical. >> the american people have a right to be very upset with this congress. >> president obama has invited nancy pelosi, john boehner, mitch mcconnell, and harry reid to the white house this afternoon for a fiscal cliff summit. >> here we are five days from the new year, and we might finally start talking. >> today's white house meeting might be the last chance to come to an agreement. that's because it takes time for a bill to work its way through both chamber of commerce. >> i don't know time wise how it can happen now. >> under senate rules, the only way a bill could make its way through the procedural hurdles in time is if every senator agrees not to. they'll have 24 hours. outside the beltway, carlino will be watching. >> everyone is kind of in a wait-and-see and fingers-crossed per expect tichb right now. >> since 1930 this is only the fifth time congress has worked after christmas. and today's summit is the first time president obama has met face to face with congressional leader
, and congress will soon be at it again. president obama landed in hawaii this morning to resume his vacation. he left washington last night after lawmakers approved a bill that prevents a middle class tax hike and delays automatic spending cuts. congress and the white house struggled to get the deal done and neither republicans nor democrats seem pleased with the outcome. >> someone stop hitting you in the head with a hammer and you're supposed to say thank you so much for the relief. >> reporter: many voters are upset it took lawmakers so long to reach a compromise. >> i think we needed a deal. i'm not necessarily altogether happy. >> reporter: the measure raises taxes on families making more than $450,000 a year and extends long-term jobless benefits for a year. but the package does not include spending cuts and many republicans voted against it. >> i'd like to be speaking for this bill, but i can't. >> reporter: congress steered away from the "fiscal cliff" at the last minute but another showdown is just around the corner. in two months, the treasury will need to increase how much the country
the heat on congress applying new pressure on sunday in an interview with david gregory on "meet the press." nbc news white house correspondent has details. >> reporter: on "meet the press," president obama continued his public campaign to pressure congress. >> if congress doesn't act, then everybody's taxes go up, and for the average family that could mean a loss of $2,000 in income and the who economy can slow down. >> reporter: he called an lawmakers to strike a deal or hold a vote on his plan which would raise tax rates on wealthy americans a major sticking points for republicans. >> the way they are behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. that seems to be their only overriding unifying theme. >> reporter: after the interview republican leaders accused the president of assigning blame instead of leading. >> when they say leadership falls on you mr. president you don't have a role here in breaking this impasse. you've had a tough go with congress. >> if folks can't say yes to good offers, then i also have an obligat
-inflicted wound to the american economy. i suppose congress can give themselves a mild pat on the back for that. our strategics competitors around the world like china must have been watching around the world and laughing. this is not how -- we had 518 days to anticipate the sequester cuts. at the end of the day this is a compromise on a tax portion. we're going to be all here again dealing with the issues of deficit and debt with that debt ceiling. this is kicking the can. it's a patch that should leave most folks on the center right. the fact the republicans have voted 2-1 against them speaks to the challenges to governing in the house. >> what's the explanation for that? this has now cost american real money. if republicans wanted to deal with this properly, why didn't we do it in the first 3517 days? >> i think there was a lot of resistance from both side. you had nancy pelosi and chuck schumer calling for a million dollars threshold in 2011 because both party have a lot of fizziers in terms of affluent voters versus less affluent voters. the republicans are ideologically committed to entit
a huge self-inflicted wound to the american economy. i suppose congress can give themselves a mild pat on the back for that. our strategics competitors around the world like china must have been watching around the world and laughing. this is not how -- we had 518 days to anticipate the sequester cuts. at the end of the day this is a compromise on a tax portion. we're going to be all here again dealing with the issues of deficit and debt with that debt ceiling. this is kicking the can. it's a patch that should leave most folks on the center right. the fact the republicans have voted 2-1 against them speaks to the challenges to governing in the house. >> what's the explanation for that? this has now cost american real money. if republicans wanted to deal with this properly, why didn't we do it in the first 517 days? >> i think there was a lot of resistance from both side. you had nancy pelosi and chuck schumer calling for a million dollars threshold in 2011 because both party have a lot of fizziers in terms of affluent voters versus less affluent voters. the republicans are ideologicall
of the library of congress center for the book. this year's international summit was hosted by the library of congress and washington d.c. >> earlier this year walter dean myers was named as the third national ambassador for and people's literature this is a non-profit arm, every child a reader. the notion of the national ambassador would be someone who traveled the country on behalf of young people's literature promoting it and also expanding the audience for reading in every way that we can think of. my proper today you already have . on the table in the back there is a bookmark which has walters photo and also a brief explanation of the national ambassador program. it lasts for two years. walter is midway through his 2-year term speaking on behalf of reading. today we're going to learn a little bit about his experience, but i would like to start by asking him how he chose his particular theme for his activity, which is reading is not optional. walter, do you want to tell us a little bit about how that came to be your team and a little bit about -- i happen to know it is his own early ba
with as well. lots of spending issues appeared. congress really at the end of this week if this goes through. diane: we are watching nancy pelosi speaking their excess your right. we are also -- one of the things we heard from the gop a year earlier, i said to your right. i should say to allow for people watching, but we heard from a gop aide the republicans at this point and the deal is not perfect. making the minutes and trying to avoid being blamed for going over the fiscal cliff. we've heard this route, the american public largely would hold republicans responsible if we do go over the fiscal cliff or if a deal is reached by that time markets opened here. why that blamed? a question of who had a better pr team working on this? the president verses the speaker is there more to that? >> in this particular case it would be because you had senate democrats and republicans overwhelmingly vote for this last evening. eighty-nine votes in the u.s. senate to get this through. it's remarkable, especially for this congress, for this type of legislation. you have house democratic leaders signing off
adjourn the 112th congress without providing assistance to the victims of superstorm sandy. i am joined today, mr. speaker, by many of my colleagues from the jurisdictions that -- whose people received the most damaging blow. though my district did not sustain the extreme damage that those in new york, new jersey, and connecticut did, the president declared several maryland counties eligible for federal assistance from this storm. but it was minor, and my citizens are not in dire circumstances. but the citizens of some who we'll hear from today are in that condition. those counties joined hundreds in the 1,000-mile diameter of this storm, the largest geographicically in the history --geographically in the history of the atlantic hurricanes. now at best the speaker said that sandy's victims will need to wait until the next congress to receive assistance. wait. they say to millions who are in pain and in distress. we should not be waiting, mr. speaker. we should be voting this very morning, which i tell you, mr. speaker, i expected to happen from my discussions with the majority leader. a
, everybody, president obama calling on congress just moments ago askng to avoid the fiscal cliff. he said he is moderately optimistic that a deal could be done by december 31. congressional leaders are working on crafting a bill. certainly no grand bargain here that would improve entitlements. if they can't get a deal, the president has told harry reid to put the white house proposals up for an up or down vote. the details just keep on coming out. with us now are two guests. first, we are going to go rich edson. he is here with the very latest. tell us what you made of the president's comments. he was very direct. reporter: he was. and now heasses on to the senate. senate majity leader harry reid, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. they are trying to come up with something that can pass the house and the senate. the president laid out a proposal earlier this evening. at the beginning of this meeting. $250,000 per year. that income would be shielded from tax increases, and now he wants an extension of unemployment insurance. that is something that essentially a nontarter in a republican-
effect at midnight, even lawmakers are now publicly pessimistic about the ability of congress to, well, get anything done. at best, democrats and republicans will patch together a limited, short-term deal to avoid the most immediate economic impacts of the fiscal cliff. with 15 hours to go and counting, members of congress are disgusted and embarrassed. >> when the future of the country, you know, rests in the hands of 70 and 80-year-olds who have jet lag, it's probably not the best thing. >> something has done terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our american economy is our american congress. >> the senate will reconvene at 11:00 this morning, but after a day of public gamesmanship and little obvious progress behind the scenes on sunday. >> there's still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue. >> i want everyone to know i'm willing to get this done, but i need a dance partner. >> mitch mcconnell called on vice president joe biden to be that dance partner. biden has brokered 11th-hour deals with the republican leader in the past. mcconnell's appeal c
is considering the way forward, time is an issue. less than 48 hours from a congress being sworn in. moments ago, senate democratic leadership aide offered a threat saying that the speaker's office was kept apprised as the deal was going forward. no time to ping-pong offers back and forth. he says essentially if house republicans mess with the deal they got overwhelmingly bipartisan support, they will be responsible for the largest tax hike in american history. bret? >> bret: we are just getting word that the senate majority leader harry reid adjourned the senate until noon tomorrow. what are the republicans saying about the possibility of amending the bill and what it means for the future of it if they choose to come out of the meeting and put the spending cuts in the bill. what are they saying about what it means? >> david dryer head of the house rules committee expressed concern about time being a factor. he expressed concern it could kill the bill and you'd have to start over with a new bill in the 113th congress that starts in less than 48 hours so there is concern about that. others are sa
the last time i saw john boehner even crack a grin. [♪ theme music ♪] >> jennifer: 24 hours after congress finally did something, the right-wing is up in arms! the reports headline was republican horror new year. scary stuff. and it only got spookier from there as republicans turned on their own. >> republicans caved last night. >> they waited 20 years before giving themselves away. >> i would be. >> seriously, could the republican party have mismanaged this any worse. >> i think the president did a great job of getting the speaker to undo everything that he promised he would do. >> after midnight and all of that partying and rivalry that goes on at new year's eve, what i can tell you is they did half a bill. >> jennifer: not just the folks on the right who are whining and complaining, there are some on the left who are almost giving the tea party for dogmattic money. paul krugman wrote . . . >> jennifer: okay. i love paul krugman but on this one i have to strongly disagree. let's take a look at what progressives actually got. first democrats got tax increases for the we
to overhaul the entire code for individuals and corporations. when you look at what congress is working on now there are different committees. the ways & means committee controlled by the republicans in the house who are regretting a tax code or have been writing a bill that rewrites the tax code. in the senate there are senators like rob portman, max baucus, they have different proposals and ideas on what to do with corporate taxes. on spending reform, to little different. >> and motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> this thing passes, diane. diane: it's official, the house has passed a deal to avert the fiscal cliff pass by the senate earlier this morning. that deal, rich do you want to go through this for us? 400,000 for individuals, $450,000 for couples. just run through everything included in this. rich: what has does is deal with taxes. preserves the bush era raids for families earning less than four and a thousand dollars a year and individuals born to thousand dollars here but if you earn $10 million a year the rates stay the same for your first 400,000 or 480,000. on investmen
. >>> the financial mood of the country takes a dramatic turn this morning after the president and congress reached a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. stocks are sharply up on this day of trading. the dow is up over 217 points. analysts warn the feeling could change quickly because the budget deal leaves many questions unresolved. >> reporter: neither party was really happy with the deal. many lawmakers are saying it was just a first step and it means in the next couple of steps they will be that much more difficult. >> the stock market surged as wall street reacted. late last night congress finally sent president obama legislation. >> this law is just one step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy and broaden opportunity for everybody. >> but at one point it looked like the deal could fall apart. >> there is some on spending cuts and we are adding to the debt. >> what we are doing is raising taxes to give the president more money to spend. >> some republicans were pushing to john boehner to add spending cuts but there weren't enough votes to get it passed. so they extended tax
a few hours ago, the president urged congress to act immediately. >> for now our most immediate priority is to stop taxes going up for middle class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can accomplish. democrats and republicans in congress have to get this done, but they're not there yet. they are close, but they're not there yet. >> so just an hour after the president made those remarks, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell signaled his agreement with the president after multiple negotiation sessions with vice president joe biden. >> so i agree. let's pass the tax relief portion now. let's take what's been agreed to and get moving. we all want to protect taxpayers, and we can get it done now. >> but not everyone is happy about this deal. senator john mccain spoke just before senator mcconnell on the senate floor. >> i guess i have to wonder, and i think the american people have to wonder whether the president really wants this issue resolved or is it to his short-term political benefit for us to go over the cliff? >> aides on the hill are telling nbc news t
practice will go in effect on goon ri 28th. >> they avoided the cliff but congress left people in new york and new jersey hanging. how long homeowners will have to wait to recover from superstorm sandy. >>> stars have always said they feel like their lives are in danger because of the paparazzi. >>> a chilly night out there, a little bit of a cold northwesterly wind come in dropping that wind chill factor down into the 20s. it is a cold, cold night. at least we had sornings high thin cloud cover today but not enough to stop some pretty bright conditions, very bright conditions out in the carroll county way. snow at summit ridge and ellicott city, crisp, cold, sunny, january day, second day of the year with a beautiful finish. how's that. gorgeous shot. current winds northwesterly 5 to 10. a few gusts 10 to 15. it is a cold wind funneling into the state. the air mass originating way up in canada. conditions struggling to get into the mid to upper 30s. curtis bay up through canton and mt. vernon. on the whole, it's going to be cold. how about a little further north and west, a very cold day
>> investors on wall street were happy. they rewarded congress for getting a last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff by closing up 308 points, the biggest rally we have seen in months. but there are plenty of critics who say congress failed in efforts to reach a deal that was a threat -- threat to deficit spending. >> critics complained the last- minute deal could be summed up like this -- raised payroll taxes for everyone, or let's just wait for everything else. >> this is a new day and not a bright day. it was very much a small ball. was kicking the can down the road. the problem is each time you kick the can, it gets heavier. >> when virginia democrat voted against the deal, saying it did not do enough to help the middle class. last night, president obama conceded he was supporting deal only after failing to get a bigger and better agreement. >> the fact is, the deficit is still too high and we're still investing too little in the things we eat. >> as congress prepares for another showdown over the debt ceiling, conservatives are criticizing the deal. a coalit
american family is about to go over the dairy cliff . congress must have a frm bill by the end of the year. anan old law would kick in to force the government to b milk at another price. how painl will it get for us in the grocery store? >> it tells us how insane. the sound of the cows tell you what will happen. this is based on marketing act. it is a consequence . we have a bureaucracy that is based on this . the federal government an act in 1942. the supreme court in wich a guy growing grain on his own farm can feed himself and his own cattle was told by the supreme court he could not do this because it is it in viation . act it is it about milk and 1949 and the federal government isng to go and make a mark and make a fair market of this . we'll buy it at eight dollars a gallon. >> and it is johnathon. that milk your drinking is about to do you believedouble in price. >> forge the cookies. >> thas the problem and the farm bill is the problem. governme should center zero role in milk agriculture production. it is it so long last that intervention is the problem and creates the cliff becau
in the medical profession and in the congress that things that we cannot handle it. >> questions from the audience? >> this sounds all great, all new and cool, but if we do not even have essential health benefits and a population that is aging, what is the reality of actually covering any of this? do you have any information on how to get hearing aids covered? >> a great question. who pays? >> i do not know the details of the hearing aids, but everything we are talking about is actually going to cost less and bring more health in the long run. i know that sounds like a congressman speaking. >> hearing aids, they're not willing to cover it. it sounds crazy for an aging population. >> with hearing aids, they will be much healthier and they will cost less. >> daniel, do you have any thoughts on how to go with reimbursement? >> companies like at that, to their credit, are buying these and putting them together. many people stay connected and use simple apps for this. they are recognizing tools for getting cheaper hearing aids for vision and things like that. the trick is, who pays for it.
house. it has got to be in congress as well. >> given the frustrations you have voice, if a grandchild said they want to go into politics, would you rejoice? >> i would be straightforward with them. when i decided i wanted to run for governor, somebody asked me if my skin was thick enough. i said, sure. i would encourage them to do it. there are bumps in the road and historical changes we have all seen and they will continue to happen. i predict longer-term there will be more independent-minded people who want to work together to get things accomplished. the bipartisan word will ultimately have more application. i was amused harry reid came back from a meeting at the white house and was asked what happened and whether there was a lot of happy talk. we have to move from that to the appropriate action. i understand you have to stand for principle. i also know this country has to move forward. ideologically driven to extremes, special interest groups, and others who are not willing to sit down and find solutions, are causing us to be stuck. somebody said we are neutral. you cannot be in n
of congress does not act. >> that means a lot for my family. i have family that is unemployed. there were about unemployment benefits. i have friends who are also facing some pretty hard times. everybody has been a kind of hard lately. you're definitely a little worried about falling even further into debt or into another recession. bettas all i care about. >> does it affect you? >> yes i guess. i hope it gets resolved before 12:00 p.m. tonight. with the deadline fast approaching. negotiations continue with still no deal. the nation just hours from plunging off of the fiscal clef. that is on the dreaded combination of spending cuts and tax hikes take effect. the average middle-class family standing to lose about $2,000. vice president joe biden is said to be a key player to try to make a deal with senate republicans. this is as the gop has reportedly backed off of a key social security measure. democrats have reported to offer to extend tax cuts for families making up to $450,000 a year. individuals making up to $400,000 a year. president obama originally wanted the tax cuts extended
to do with obviously leader there's in congress selling this to their folks and we're waiting to see how that all shakes out. >> okay. keep on it for us, brianna. thank you. hard at work keeping an eye on things. quick reminder, the house democratic caucus meeting scheduled for 15 minutes from now and the conference scheduled for an hour from now. suzanne malveaux continues with newsroom. >>> happy new year. welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm suzanne malveaux. we have a lot going on. a deal on the table but not out of the woods yet. all eyes on capitol hill, as the republican controlled -- the house, rather, convening this hour for the fiscal cliff negotiations. now vice president joe biden, he is heading to the hill for talks with the house democrats. this is a critical moment for the country. talking about 12 hours after the deadline for the government action has passed. the senate okayed a deal wee hours of the morning, prevent middle class income taxes from going up but raise rates on income of more than $400,000 a year for individuals, more than $450,000 for couples. now, unemploym
night, the first and new year's day vote in congress since the korean war 60 years ago. a vote on a compromise agreement that neither party loves. >> virtually no 1 believes that what we have before us tonight is a long-term solution. >> it reminds me of the jokes were used to have, where someone stops hitting you in the head with a hammer and you're supposed to say thank you so much for the relief. >> in the end, house democrats were joined by enough republicans for the agreement to become law. as for the president to deliver on a campaign pledge, that the rich would pay more to help reduce the deficit. >> i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans wall preventing a middle-class tax hike for -- while preventing a middle-class tax hike. >> they have agreed that the wealthiest americans will pay more income tax. individuals earning more than $400,000 a year deep spending cuts of more than $100 billion have been delayed for two months which means there will be another round of haggling at the beginning of march. the u.s. government will hit what is know
>> and fiscal standoff at the u.s. congress, with tax hikes and spending cuts. hello. you are watching aljazeera, live from doha. also on the program, bargaining for peace. an effort to end the conflict in afghanistan. a brazen protest in china. activists raid the home of their friend who is being held on house arrest. and ringing in the new year. in spectacular style. we will have a look at celebrations from around the world. welcome to the program. in less than five hours from now, the u.s. is set to fall over the so-called fiscal cliff. congress will not vote by the midnight deadline to avoid spending cuts and tax hikes due on january 1. talks will resume on tuesday. earlier, barack obama said an agreement to avoid this was in sight. >> for now, our most immediate priority is to stop taxes from going up for middle-class families starting tomorrow. i think that is a modest goal that we can accomplish. democrats and republicans in congress have to get this done, but they are not there yet. they are close, but they are not there yet, and one thing we can count on with resp
of california in the u.s. house of representatives. in congress, he is a member of the powerful house appropriations and budget committee. share of the democratic caucuses, new media working group, house democratic senior went, and the original author of the equity and excellence commission now housed in the u.s. department of education. his district includes silicon valley, the birthplace of technology. mike has dedicated his life to public service and is lauded for his work on education, civil- rights national service, immigration, transportation, the environment, and high-tech issues. >> he is also the greatest karaoke sing their -- singer and all of congress. -- in all of congress. [applause] >> he just told me i had five minutes. what do you think of this program? [applause] it is about time. i want to thank francis and fong. i think this is the very first statewide heritage month held with the mayor of san francisco. let me say something about heritage month in san francisco and your mayor. in the old days, you remember san francisco was known for passing all of these anti- chin
a controversial decision by house leaders to not take a vote on hurricane sandy relief. some members of congress on both sides of the aisle are speaking out. first the big story on capitol hill and for the country this morning, a bill to avert the fiscal cliff awaits president obama's john hancock. around 11:00 p.m. eastern last night, the republican-led house gave final approval to a deal that will raise taxes on the wealthiest americans, and postponing the automatic spending cuts for two months. the package, which would be signed by the president as early as today preserves the bush era tax cuts for individuals who earn less than $400,000 a year and households earning less than $450,000. it extends unemployment benefits for a year and does not do a bunch of other stuff. it passed by a comfortable margin but only because a majority of yes votes came from democrats. 172 democrats voted in favor. 16 opposed. 151 republicans voted against the bill. only 85 voted in favor. in recent years, republican speakers of the house refused to bring bills to the floor unless they got a majority support from r
ask a question -- to members of congress read polls? it is a serious question. a month ago, the gallup poll had the approval rating at 18%. it is an improvement over august's where it was 10%. the fiscal clip deal, the day after christmas, kali had the president's approval rating, 54%. republican members of congress, 26%. you would think that during their well-earned christmas break, both sides would have found a way to come to the other and get something done. >> this is not the fault of congress. congress is behaving like congress. this is the president's fault. the president needs to go to the country and explain why they need to get this done. he has never done that. >> we are in different universes. i have heard him talk about it over and over, incessantly about why we should not go over the fiscal clip. it is congress's fall. congress created this fiscal cliff. it was their idea to make january 1 d-day. they did it. no one else impose this on them. >> the president has never gone to the nation and made a serious speech about debt. he ignored it the first two years. he appoints a
, the democratic senator from iowa saying this deal doesn't look good to him. if a deal is reached in congress, the president still has to sign it. president obama set his terms and challenged the house and senate to get it it done. brianna keilar joins me now. is the president just sitting in the oval office waiting for a bill to get delivered to him? where's he in all of this? >> reporter: vice president biden is very much the president's proxy in all of this. it's easy to understand why. both the president and vice president served in the senate, but biden served in the senate for decades with all of the players that he now has to engage with. he knows the personalities. he knows the rhythms of the senate and of congress better than president obama, you could argue. it makes sense that he's serving as the president's proxy. this is something the president is engaged with. this is something the white house is very engaged with. he said yesterday he's optimistic that a deal can be struck. i think that's not surprising. that's what you'd expect to come from president obama. but we're also -- w
is about to tell me what's wrong with congress. >> chris christie blasting on the sandy relief bill. i will tell you how that could happen. >>>. >> from the cliff to the debt ceiling. at least we have o will have stuff to get us through months ahead. a few house keeping notes to start with. the fiscal whatever you want to call it is done, we can retire the wheel of misfortune for good and keep this. >> stop the insanity! >> we didn't use that enough last year, but we will in 13. here's where we stand. the house approved the plan to get us through this month, but it is something we will remember maybe forever. the mismoves and the finger-pointing are everywhere and we begin with luke russert who was there for it all. i feel like i have been watching the same thing happen for two years since john boehner became the speaker. one deadline after another and has very little wiggle room. it makes his own members so unhappy. the vote for speaker for the next two years is tomorrow. does he even want this job anymore? >> it's a fair question after the hammering he has taken from folks in his own
understand that as the clock winds down, republicans in congress are using this time to, again, threaten to allow middle class taxes to go up in order to extract these tax breaks for the wealthiest, because they don't think they should contribute anymore to reducing our deficit. >> they say obviously that it's the democrats who are stone walling here. they said they were expecting a counteroffer to their offer this morning at 10:00. at 2:00, we saw mitch mcconnell come out and say we still don't have a deal. we've heard criticism about the president's tone today on "meet the press." this is what john boehner had to say, blaming the failure of a deal on the president. >> your response? >> well, that's very interesting, chris, because speaker boehner has refused to even hold a vote in the house of representatives on the president's proposal. we're not asking speaker boehner to endorse the president's proposal. we're not asking republicans to say they want to endoris the proposal. we're simply asking for a vote. we believe that republicans and democrats together could get a majority for the
remains very weak, the job market not recovered, congress has literally set a trap for the recovery. when they were setting that trap, they told us, don't worry, they would disarm it, well before it ever became a problem. it's there to make them do something even better. but now it seems like it's going to become a problem. in a sane political world, here's what we would be doing right now. we have high unemployment and we can borrow for nothing, less than nothing once you account for inflation. we'd be putting people back to work, rebuilding infrastructure, cutting taxes for businesses that hire people. cutting taxes for middle class people generally, and investing in the future of the country. the future of our infrastructure and jobs. meanwhile, we'd agree to a deficit reduction package that would trigger the moment unemployment fell below 6.5%. instead we're not going to do enough deficit reduction from later and we'll hang for recovery along the way. by that, i mean terrible job. it's impossible to overstate how dumb this whole thing is. which leads us to number five, the fifth and f
>> president obama and congress are miles apart, but with the president cutting his vacation short, is there time for a resolution. the srkd term shuffle is getting complicated. >> chinese food for former president bush surrounded by family. still in a houston hospital after his health has taken a turn for the worst. good morning. it's wednesday, the day after christmas and this is "the daily rundown" and i'm luke russert for chuck todd. just more day in paradise for president obama while the rest of the family stays in hawaii. he will head back later this evening. he did take out with the first lady to express gratitude with service members on behalf of the nation. >> we know it's not easy, but what we also want you to know is you have the entire country behind you and all of us understand that we would be nowhere without the extraordinary service that you provide. i want to say thank you and we love you. >> kristen welker is live in honolulu. it's early in the morning there, but president obama traveling home to d.c. 10:00 p.m. hawaii time. there doesn't seem to be a lot of urgen
is over and most people have the day off. >> we have a dysfunctional congress, but the politicians are still pretending to work. >> people don't like congress. >> it is up to the senate to act. >> harry reid is working on legislation. >> harry reid, the congress and the president. >> the president is cutting his hawaii vacation short to deal with the fiscal cliff. >> really, it's kind of like falling down stairs. we have a dysfunctional congress. >> speaker boehner needs to bring his party along. >> it's pretty clear that he could not bring them along. >> john boehner doesn't seem to have full control of his caucus. >> they were this close. >> the republicans will be blamed. >> they were this close to a solution. >> we're going to head over that cliff. >> i know it's hard for the republicans. the minute those leaders move forward, they get viscerated. >> guns shouldn't be available for anyone, any time, anywhere. >> the conversation still wages on. >> its plan to add more guns to schools. >> a completely dumb-ass idea. >> i don't think the nra is listening. >> you can call it whate
of joe manchin as congress prepares to meet again today with the fiscal cliff looming. good morning. the deadline is here and the countdown is down two hours instead of days. the first time since 1970, congress is meeting between the christmas and new year's holiday. preparations are underway as lawmakers -- if lawmakers fail to act. we are 17 hours until the deadline. midnight is the deadline east coast time. here are the numbers. host: also, send us an e-mail and jonas on facebook, -- join us on facebook or you can send us a tweet. let's take a scan of the headlines and we begin with "the atlanta journal-constitution." a lot of talking but still no votes. the deadline has come and gone. one last day for a fiscal deal is the headline from "the boston globe." we are also keeping an eye on wall street. the markets are queasy. from the headlines "the wall street journal." host: a lot of activity on the house and senate chamber. we will be falling all of that on the c-span networks. we have the deputy white house editor from politico. tell us where we stand. guest: we stand in limbo,
to the hill. senators return to the capitol tomorrow. the question remains krks the president join congress and surf the rough political waters to get a deal in time? >> i think he's doing all he can and calving hell at the same time and there's give, give. i think it's very, very difficult, particularly after boehner's plan "b" failed. >> the key issue i think and the american people are catching on is that the problem that we have is we have a right wing political figure in the house way, way, way out of touch of what the american people are thinking. >>> there's early economic sinls that the uncertainty over the cliff may have clayed the role of scrooge this holiday season. early holiday numbers point to the worst year to year growth since 2008. >>> i think the president is steward of this economy needs to try to reach the big compromise with speaker boehner and the two men came very close. >> all right. let's check in and say good morning to nbc news correspondent mike vi cara now. >> they have indicated they would be back on the 27th and doing the math and take in to account the time z
that are still in congress favor mr. lugar will be in a few. it seems once they are on their way out or out the door, they say all the right things. when they are continuing to run, olympia snowe is another great example. what would you suggest we do as a public for others do to encourage politicians in office to the right thing because the right thing to do? >> tom, you can start. i'm curious because he done so much work and then whatever you want to say before. and then i guess, are we closer pass the time? i usually go over. we have many fascinating questions pending, most of which haven't been answered. let me try to run through a couple of them. the conservative wayne is now the party. it's been embraced by the party. its agenda has been embraced by the leadership. the chairman of the budget committee, paul ryan, very able member is the archetype of that agenda, which should make every tea party are very happy. so it's indistinguishable and date in no way to provide cover for all those moderate who want to do the right being. i don't think said people exist in the republican party. lis
is running out for congress to make a deal. and what a difference a day makes. on thursday, things looked bleak. >> speaker boehner is unwilling to negotiate we have not heard a word from leader mcconnell. nothing is happening. >> we wanted an agreement, but we had no takers. >> o'donnell: it took a trip to the white house and a package scolding from the president. >> the american people are watching what we do here. obviously, their patience is already thin. this is deja vu all over again. >> o'donnell: but by week's end, senate leaders agreed to make a last-ditch effort to get a deal. >> so i'm hopeful and optimistic. >> i'm going to do everything i can. i'm confident senator mcconnell will do the same. >> o'donnell: we'll have the latest on what that agreement might look like but will it actually do anything to cut the deficit? and what happens nay don't get a deal? we'll hear from two senators who have been working together on deficit reduction, assistant majority leader dick durbin of illinois, and senator tom coburn of oklahoma. then we'll look forward to 2013 with an all-star panel
in disbelief and ashamed. >> republicans in congress brought the house to a new low last night. >>gregg: it is really bad. new york republican congressman peter king, whom you just heard, says house of representatives speaker boehner and house majority leader are not on speaking terms but both aides down play the divide. the two are scheduled to meet with members of the new york and new jersey delegation on sandy aid. congressman cantor says he will be there. moments ago, shannon, new jersey republican governor christie talked about it. he is not happy, either. >>reporter: he tried to call the speaker four times and boehner would not take the call as it was apparent the bill would not get to the floor for a vote. he says the two talks today but they still do not have a "credible explanation" for what happened. here is what the governor had to say. >> this atmosphere now, everything is a possibility, potential piece of bait for the political gain. it is why the american people hate congress. >>reporter: ouch. lawmaker whose objected to the quick vote say the senate measure was full of po
's talk about the backdrop here. the congress least productive, on the pace to be the least productive congress in history. on pace to pass around 219 bills. 111th passed 383. the 110th passed 380. the harry truman congress called the do nothing congress passed 906. so they're extraordinarily productive compared to what we have now. >> reporter: yeah. >> talking about why in "the washington post" a couple of months and said never have we seen them this dysfunctional and criticize both parties and now acknowledge the core of the problem lies with the republican party. what do you think is going on with this truly do nothing congress? >> reporter: well, toure, one is tempted to be flip and say there's post offices that needing naming in the '50s and inflated the numbers and really essentially looking at the numbers the vast majority of those bills, the vast preponderance of those bills is sort of inconsequential bills. they have a special day reserved for post office namings and singing the praises of this day or that day or motherhood or apple pie and so, you know, it's sort of really h
the subcommittee and asia pacific i was overcome with emotion by your resolved and spirit. you asked congress to support myanmar and her people and i am happy to report we have not. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the senator from california, the hon. dianne feinstein. >> mr. speaker, nancy pelosi, mrs. bush, harry reid, leader mcconnell, secretary of state hillary clinton and my colleagues in government this is a special day to honor a special person in a special place. for many years i have followed tragedies and victories of this uncommonly courageous and persistent woman. in 1988 she quickly rose to be the voice of democracy in burma creating the lead for democracy, elections followed in 1990 when her party won 80% but that joy turned to tragedy and the the military junta and aung san suu kyi spent 3 decades under house arrest unable to visit her dying husband. in 1996 i recall senator bill cohen approaching with senator mccain to sponsor a burma sanction bill, sanctions were put in place in 1997 and only loosened in july of this year. senator mcconnell became one of aung san suu kyi'
congress has about 46 hours left to go. this congress unfortunately has been most known for an unwillingness to compromise. an unwillingness to come together to act on behalf of the american people. today is january 1. texas will be going up on everybody in america if we don't act. those who are relying on unemployment insurance to make sure they can support themselves and their families. if we don't act, we will be at risk. vice president joe biden asked to come to a compromise. the definition of compromise has elements in it each party does not like. but by definition, that has things in it each party should like. the speaker said if the senate passed a bill he would put it on the floor for a vote. leader has pointed out we expect that to happen. we think that is the best interest of the american people. we hope our colleagues on the other side of the aisle can reach compromise. our members are reviewing the specifics of the compromise that has been reached to determine whether they can support that compromise read i am hopeful this congress wil will as one os last act
the congress and white house hammered out a deal. the house of representatives passed a senate bill that protects 99% of americans from an income tax hike. >> a central premise of my campaign was to change the tax code. that was too skewed toward the wealthy at the expense of working middle class americans. tonight we done have that >> president obama is right now as we speaking flying back to hawaii. he's resuming the family vacation he cut short in order to deal with that fiscal cliff. here are some of the details of the fiscal cliff deal that was passed last night. a perm extension of previous tax cut for all taxpayers expect for individuals that make $400,000 a year or couples that make more than $450,000. the bill continues unemployment benefits for long-term jobless. and postpones a decision on controversial spending cuts for two months. even though congress acted to avert income tax hikes on most americans, your paycheck will still shrink in 2013. ktvu janine de la vega is in san jose right now to explain about the end of the payroll tax holiday. what does that mean? >> repor
>> motion is adopted. >> after a give-and-take congress finally reaches a deal to avoid a series of attacks with budget cuts. hear what president obama says before he leaves the white house to resume his vacation in hawaii. >> how i photographer was hit in killed by a vehicle after taking pictures of justin bieber's car. >> what local counties doing to fight the junk mail problem. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is wednesday, january 2. i'm scott thuman. >> i'm cynne simpson. let's go to our meteorologist to find how to dress for the weather today. a cold one. temperatures will be on the chilly side again for today. we are starting out pretty good. it dates for the early start of january. live super doppler picking up a little bit of a light wintry mix over the southern delmarva peninsula. much of which you see there is evaporating before it ever reaches the ground. this will be short lived and moving out by late morning. the rest of us dealing with cloudy skies. 37 in washington. 34 at dulles. only warming up in
of the other tax measures and perhaps instructions for the next six to eight months to congress to work on entitlement and spending reform and broader tax reform package. but all those specific details when you talk about entitlements and spending on the bigger side. $3-4 trillion deal that would have to be filled in over the next year. >> all right. rich, we appreciate it. just a reminder, 5:00 a.m., cheryl casone will have the latest on overseas trading but also any potential deal or leak that has a deal may be in the works. find out right here on the fox big network. fox business network team starting here at 5:00 a.m. here in new york city. that wraps it right now. we're going to go back to our programming. we are talking cometely off-the-cuff, but we know will not be at 250. i think carrie reed has problems from new york like dianne feinstein of california, and 250 will be a big pill to allow. this is a fiscal cliff that we can have 50 days, 60 days down the road. it does not fix the problem if you will have these taxes on $250,000 and above. as rich edson said, this is going to be
. while there may be agreement at the top, it doesn't necessarily mean it will pass congress. adam: so we are on a 30-yard line with 70 needed for a touchdown. >> there is not a scheduled vote, we don't know if they will vote tonight or tomorrow on this, but it appears a vote at the very least will happen. adam: all right, rich edson live for us on capitol hill. a g.o.p. aide saying the whole thing is done to the vice president, as you can see them not live video, but to arrive in capitol hill for a meeting with democrats to convince them to please support this deal which the aides are telling rich is done. tomorrow the house of representatives convenes in the afternoon but that is assuming we would get a vote tonight in the senate. we are here the fox business network for you and we'll bring you up to speed as soon as any of this breaks although right now we are not scheduled to come back to you until 10:00 p.m. it is new year's eve, millions of people in times square are getting ready for a party. we will let you know if there is something to celebrate from the fox business network, i a
. >> optimistic yesterday, but we don't yet see an agreement. now the pressure is on congress to produce. if they don't, what i've said is that in the senate, we should go ahead and introduce legislation that would make sure middle class taxes stay where they are and there should be an up or down vote. everybody should have a right to vote on that. if republicans don't like it, they can vote no. but i actually think there's a majority support for making sure the middle class families are held harmless. >> if you go over to cliff, what's the impact on the markets which have been pretty confident now it would get done? >> it's hard to speculate on the market, but obviously, i think business and investors will feel more negative about the economy next year. if you look at projections of 2013, people generally felt the economy would continue to grow, housing would continue to improve, but what's been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington. and if, you know, people start seeing that on january 1st this problem still hasn't been solved, that we haven't seen the deficit reduction
with an interview on "meet the press." and their efforts in congress. here is what he had to say. [video clip] >> i am confident that we will see an agreement in the next 48 hours. if that does not happen, democrats in the senate will put a bill on the floor of the senate and republicans will have to decide whether or not they will block it, meaning that middle-class taxes go up. i do not think that they would want to do that, politically, but they may wind up doing that. if all else fails so that taxes go up on middle-class families on january 1, we will come back with a new congress on the fourth and the first bill on the floor will be to cut taxes on middle-class families. i do not think that the average person is one to say -- gosh, that is a really partisan agenda on the part of the president or democrats in congress. people will say -- that makes sense, that is what the economy needs right now. if one way or another we get through this -- do i wish that things were more orderly in washington, rational? that people listened to the best arguments, compromised, operating in an organized fashion?
designate of the full committee in the next congress. who is not here. so i will reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman from florida reserves. mr. berman is recognized. mr. berman: i continue to reserve our time. ms. ros-lehtinen: and i'm pleased to yield this time to mr. royce to speak on the north creey belligerent action and i thank him for his leadership on this and many of the issues that are facing our foreign affairs committee. so mr. royce, the time is yours. mr. royce: thank you for yielding. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for as much time as -- as he wishes. mr. royce: thank you. i rise in support of this resolution of which i am an original co-sponsor. i think members are very rightly concerned right now as the same technology that's used to put a satellite into space is also used in order to launch a ballistic missile. this experiment by north korea is definitely an advance for them, it's definitely a threat to the region, it's definitely a threat to the united states because what we're talking about here are three stage icbm's. it is estimated
, congress passed the fisa amendments act, the bill that we are considering on this floor today. we're considering a reauthorization. this law gave the government new surveillance authorities, but it also included a sunset provision to ensure that congress examines where the law is working and the way it was intended. now, the debate we're having right now on this floor is that reexamination. i will just note that i think it's unfortunate that we're doing this at the last second. we have known that this intelligence law is going to expire for years. it was laid out for a multiyear span. and certainly, it is irresponsible for this chamber to be debating this bill under a falsely created pressure that it needs to be done without any amendments in order to match the bill from the house. that is a way of expressing debate on critical issues here in america. if you care about the fourth amendment, if you care about privacy, you should be arguing that we should either create a very short-term extension or -- to have this debate fully or that we should have this debate months ago so it cou
, sewers or water. and we continue our conversations with new members of the 113th congress. tonight the senator-elect from nebraska, republican deb fischer. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> woodruff: this turned out to be a long day of waiting for final action on the "fiscal cliff" bill that cleared the senate early today. in the house, the measure ran into republican demands for more spending cuts, and its prospects for passage there dimmed. congress began the new year having missed its deadline to keep tax cuts from rising back to 1990's levels for most americans. an
-- do members of congress read polls? it is a serious question. approvalago, congress' rating was 18%, an improvement over august where it was 10%. if this good deal -- the fiscal could deal -- the fiscal cliff deal. you think during their well- earned christmas break, both sides would find a way to come together and do something. >> this is not the fault of congress. congress is behaving like congress. this is the president's fault here the president needs to go to the country and explain why they need to get this done. he has never done this. >> i have heard him talk about it over and over incessantly about why we have to avoid the fiscal clip. it is the fault of congress. they created this fiscal cliff. they did it. no one else imposed this on them. >> the president has never gone to the nation and made a serious speech about dt. he ignored it the first two years. he appoints a commission that he studiously ignores for the next two years. that is why we are at the clip now. he is not serious about the debt. none of his proposals to raise taxes on the rich. he has never put any pol
of democrats and republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and obviously could have had a severe impact on families all across america. >> the deadline that congress imposed on itself had already passed, but it did not cause any real harm because important ro financial markets remained closed on new year's day. automatic tax increases could have pushed u.s. back into economic recession -- pushed the u.s. back into economic recession. tax rates will go up for only those earning over $400,000. in herington is -- inheritances over $5 million will also be heavily taxed. president obama immediately left washington to rejoin his family in hawaii, but the next battle is already in view. in the next two months, congress will need to raise the debt limit to allow treasury to borrow more money and it must agree on spending cuts to reduce the deficit. >> for more analysis, we are joined by our washington correspondent. lawmakers have voted what many -- have ave
's happening in congress? keep it here and find out. but first, let's take a look at what the traders have to say. we are looking at the end-of- the-year trading with scott bauer of trading advantage this morning. scott, what do you anticipate? > > you know what angie, i really think that people that have stayed in the marketplace the entire year, have just ridden out the rally that we saw this year and did not reduce their positions, did not exit out earlier when we saw some of the higher points in the market, i think there is going to be some profit-taking. i don't really believe that it is going to be all that severe. but why wouldn't you want to take some money off the table at the end of the year and maybe start over a little bit? so i wouldn't be surprised if we do see just a slight sell-off really just due to maybe some of the funds in retail, taking profits off the table. > > and what are traders thinking about 2013, scott? > > you know, it is all about the economy at this point. if we can continue, especially in the housing market, if we can continue seeing, not a booming housing
>> i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up. >> the u.s. agrees to a budget deal but more tough bargaining plays ahead. -- lays ahead. >> this is "al jazeera." frustration mounts and the african republic. police throw teargas at the capitol. and ivory coast investigation. a deadly stampede. plus -- >> what is the game that has 70 palestinians confused? -- so many palestinians confused? after months of negotiations, u.s. politicians have finally made a deal to avert the so- called fiscal cliff. the agreement passed the house of representatives. here are some of the main points of the deal -- taxing will not be increased for those earning less than $400,000. benefits for unemployed will be extended for another year. the plan to cut 900 billion has been delayed at least until march. >> the moment the house voted in favor of the bill to keep the u.s. from going over the fiscal cliff permanently. >> the motion is adopted. the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> the measure passing 257 in favor
on the holiday for most of us, congress agreed on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. sherrie johnson is live this morning with what it can mean for you. there's a lot of stuff to work through with this. >> reporter: oh, you are absolutely right especially with the debt ceiling. we have more work but after months of drama and tense negotiations, congress passed legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff. lawmakers did not meet the deadline and they didn't get the grand bargain that both parties clap was the goal there. was concern among -- a lack of spending cuts. the deal would shield income tax cuts for all workers earning less than 400,000 dollars a year and households earning less than 450,000 dollars. it prevents a tax hike on a state's -- estates valued at less than 5 34eu8ion and extends unemployment benefits for about 2 million people that were set to expire. now what it does not do is raise the debt ceiling. in two months the government will reach the limit on borrowing unless congress acts. the bill delays large cuts to the pentagon and other government programs. now although congress mi
. congress and the white house struggled to get the deal done, and neither republicans or democrats seem pleased with the outcome. >> someone stop hitting you in the head with a hammer and you're supposed to say thank you so much for the relief. >> reporter: many voters are upset it took lawmakers so long to reach a compromise. >> i think we needed a deal. i'm not necessarily all together happy. >> reporter: the measure raises taxes on families making more than $450,000 a year and extends long-term jobless benefits for a year. but the package does not include spending cuts as many republicans voted against it. >> i would like to be speaking for this bill but i can't. >> reporter: congress steered away from this fiscal cliff at the last minute, but another showdown is just around the corner. in two months the treasury will need to increase how much the country can borrow and lawmakers must approve it. the last time congress fought over the debt ceiling, america's credit rating was downgraded. the president says that doesn't need to happen again. >> the one thing i think that hopefully in
, tonight the house speaker says they won't get any help from the 112th congress. >> we've had no help from anyone. you see the pile of garbage there? it's been there since the first week. >> reporter: now another potential setback for the region. >> 66 days and counting, shame on you. shame on congress. new jerseyians and new yorkers are tired of being treated like second class citizens. >> reporter: the senate passed a package last week to provide more than $60 billion in aid to the region, but on tuesday the house failed to act before wrapping up this session of congress. >> now i am dismayed and really saddened that the house of representatives walked away last night, didn't even touch this after we spent so much time here on the floor doing something to help the beleaguered part of our country. >> reporter: republican congressman peter king who represents part of long island called it a disgrace and blasted leaders of his own party. >> we cannot believe that this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> reporter: the president called for immediate action saying when
in congress since the korean war 60 years ago. a vote on a compromise agreement that neither party loves. >> virtually no 1 believes that what we have before us tonight is a long-term solution. >> it reminds me of the jokes were used to have, where someone stops hitting you in the head with a hammer and you're supposed to say thank you so much for the relief. >> in the end, house democrats were joined by enough republicans for the agreement to become law. as for the president to deliver on a campaign pledge, that the rich would pay more to help reduce the deficit. >> i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans wall preventing a middle-class tax hikett for -- while preventing a middle-class tax hike. >> they have agreed that the wealthiest americans will pay more income tax. individuals earning more than $400,000 a year deep spending cuts of more than $100 billion have been delayed for two months which means there will be another round of haggling at the beginning of march. the u.s. government will hit what is known as the debt ceiling, the limit for borrowing an
quarterback. >> tonight, we have done that thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress. i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and had a severe impact on families across america. i want to thank all of the leaders of the house and the senate. in particular, i want to thank the work was done by my extraordinary vice president, joe biden, as well as leader harry reid, speaker boehner nancy pelosi, and mitch mcconnell. everybody worked very hard on this. i appreciate it. once again, i want to thank you for your great work. under this law more than 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses will not see their income taxes go up. millions of families will continue to receive tax breaks to help raise their kids and send them to college. companies will continue to receive tax credits for the resources that they use, the investments that they make, and the clean energy they create. for those americans out there looking for work, they will continue to recei
gwen: 2012 was a test of a presidency and of a congress where american voters got a say and cliff hanger ace bounded. we explore it all at years end on "washington week." from the snows of iowa, through the heat of the debate, to election night, the political divide wydened. the u.s. re-examined its role abroad and a second term president claimed it. we look ahead to what happens next with michael duffy of "time" magazine. john harwood of cnbc and the "new york times." doyle mcmanus of the "los angeles times" and karen tumulty of "the washington post." >> covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital. this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produced in association with national journal. corporate fuppeding for "washington week" is provided by -- -- corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern, one line, infinite possibilities. >> we know why we're here, to chart a greern path in the air and in our factories. >> to find cleaner, more efficient ways to power flight. >> and harn es
.s. economy is the u.s. congress. and i think that's it. people are pretty fed up, and all they're trying to do really is sort of damage control, andct not make themselves look worst than they look. >> lot of, just observers hereob in all of this, is this going to be the new normal, unproductive do nothing congress?co >> i think because of the political complexion of things, and extremism is sort of appreciated, and that congress people view just staying in office rather than doingdo something for the betterment of their country, coupled with just the institution that there's ath republican house, democratic president, a democratic senate, you are always going to have problems, but you have moremo problems than 10 or 20 years ago because of the political psyche of the elected officials. >> so many people thought, nowth that president obama was reelected, that we still wouldn't receive the same sort of gridlock in congress. >> it won't happen, it won't be different until incumbents are beaten just for being an incumbent, and that didn't happen. even the approval rating is 9 o 10%.%. >> let
the congress without voting on the hurricane sandy relief package. the 112 congress ends thursday at noon. >> on this vote the boats are 257. the motion is [video clip] >> the motion is therefore on the table. host: last night the u.s. house passed a deal to avert the so called "fiscal cliff". good morning and welcome to "washington journal" this wednesday, january 2, 2013. we would like to hear your thoughts on a bill that passed both houses of congress. here are the numbers to call -- you can also find us online. send us a tweet. or join the conversation on facebook. you can also e-mail us. the "washington times has this headline -- and in the washington post -- we would like to hear what you think about this bill. we will be digging into it more, going over some of the details. if to give us some perspective is pete, a staff writer with the the hill newspaper. thanks for being with us. guest: hi. host: they talk about the house republicans balked at first. what was the sticking point? guest: you used to just have to keep taxes low. but with the debt creeping up more and more, it is inc
to purchase san francisco base current tv. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> new jersey governor blasts congress for not doing must have to help super storm sandy victims how the house speaker responded. >> our first check of traffic, and you can tell a lot of people getting back to work after the holiday break. this san francisco skyway jammed going left to right. and better for folks on the righthand side of the screen. back wit >>> new jersey governor chris christie is fuming, angry at members of his own republican party and in particular, john boehner because congress has not acted on a aid package for victims of super storm, sandy. >> in october, super storm sandy unleashed her fury on new york and new jersey z now, the fight over recovery funding erupted into a storm of anger. on capitol hill. >> we cannot believe that this cruel knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> in the regions. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. >> lawmakers expect aid vote on the sandy aid bill late last night. but in a surprise move, speaker john boe
to do about the inheritance tax. congress is working tonight at finding some way to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. the usual complaints have not ended, each side casting blame on the other. the vice president came back from delaware to talk with senator mitch mcconnell. they are expected to negotiate on the phone throughout the night. >> willing to work with whoever, whoever can help. there's no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. >> none of the votes we'll be casting today have anything to do with the fiscal cliff we face in slightly more than 24 hours. we're here and ready. >> congress will work through tomorrow, with republicans likely insisting more spending cuts be included. >>> budget cuts are at the department of defense also in the cross hairs, raising new concerns about national security. fox's peter doocy looks at what it could mean. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham told me this morning his phone rang saturday night and was the defense secretary calling saying he was told the bill to avoid the fiscal cliff will not avoid anything for sequestrat
that would pass a vote. both houses of congress would convene later this afternoon in a rare sunday session. in his weekly address, the president took his message directly to the public calling for congress to come together to pass a deal. >> for the past couple months, i have been working with people in both parties with the help of business leaders and ordinary americans to come together around a plan to grow the economy and shrink our deficits. it's a balance plan. one that would protect the middle class, cut spending in a responsible way and ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. and i'll keep working with anybody who's serious about getting a comprehensive plan like this done because it's the right thing to do for our economic growth. but we're now at the point where in just a couple of days the law says that every american's tax rates are going up. every american's paycheck will get a lot smaller. and that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy. it would hurt middle class families and hurt the businesses that depend on your spending and congress can prevent it from
>>> we are 12 hours away from 2013. will congress drop the ball as the ball drops? it's monday, december 31st, and this is "now." chief economic correspondent for politico, ben white. jen bendry of the huffington post. partisan ranker and frustration all around, we've arrived at the fiscal cliff. the senate, which was expected to hold an up and down vote on a final bare bones budget deal last night wasn't quite able to make it happen. harry reid gave us problem or lack thereof. >> there are two sides still apart, and negotiations are continuing as i speak. there's still more before we can bring ledges laying to the floor. what else is new? can anyone save this congress from itself? turns out the new man responsible is vice president joe biden. yep. that's right. joe biden is the latest person to be called on to try to get congress out of the straight jacket they've put themselves in. the vp and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell exchanged phone calls until midnight last night and again this morning, and appeared to be zeroing in on a tax rate compromise in the region of a $
the end of the 112th congress? >> it's a great question. it sounds like they thought they would have a hard time getting through the fiscal cliff, that that would be enough to ask your members -- their members to do and qupted -- expected to go this yesterday. it was odd to see a bill come out and wait for hours, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. >> you say there's a lot going forward, can you elaborate? >> the most dire need is addressing the flood program. they will give that the money, it sounds like they'll give maybe around the request money president obama has requested this esame money in the senate bill, the same money we saw in chairman rodgers slimmed down, peared down, narrow initial response bill. that $9 billion that the fema flood program needs. they'll come become on the 15th, the new york and new jersey delegation has worked hard on this, it will be on the form then. it might look something like the two-part amendments, the two-part bill we saw chairman rodgers propose yesterday with about $27 billion in the first traunch, or less with the flood money out, $16
this metaphor with checks and balance to components of the congress must act in concert, and then congress enacts and the president vetoes, the congress overrides, the court's review like a pendulum, and this metaphor captivated the american mind. the framers were not only the good inventors, they were us deutsch learners of the human behavior, and they knew that no matter how brilliant the written document was it required a virtuous and enlightened citizenry at that time to ensure the constitution would survive. enlightenment was so powerful that towards the end of his life and for over 100 years after newton was the most famous person in in the world. he was not the only enlightenment thinkers for the poster boy for the enlightenment that didn't read the mathematical, this idea that if an apple fell out of a tree there was a law the human principle, that the human mind of its own force could discover was liberating this idea is what the world coming and you know who became the successor to the mantel of newton this was a celebrit
chambers of congress are in today. although the house did gavel out earlier without taking up any legislative matters. last night members of both parties came together to approve the fiscal cliff deal which now heads to president obama for his signature. earlier today democrats and republicans, many of whom represent districts that are impacted by hurricane sandy, came to the floor of the house expressing their anger after getting word that the house republican leadership wasn't planning to take up any supplemental spending measure. helping those affected by the storm in october. the senate did approve a $60 billion measure on friday. new jersey governor chris christi also expressed his frustration, speaking from the governor's office in trenton this afternoon, he just wrapped up a press conference, and here's a quick look at what he had to say. >> new jersey and new york are among the most generous states in the nation to our fellow states. we vote for disaster relief for other states in need. we are donor states. spending much more -- sending much more to washington, d.c., than
for at least two months. now congress will have to deal with that later and deal with whether to raise the $16.4 trillion borrowing limit so the government can keep paying its bills. but once again the senate measure has now been approved by the house. we take you to capitol hill where we've been monitoring the votes that just came in, gary? >> reporter: good evening. as you said our assignment was to engage the reactions from the congressional local agreements. many said they felt like it was a bad deal that they could get under the circumstances. many republicans lead in part by virginia eric canter who said no because they believe the legislation does not have enough spending cuts. some spending cuts feel like they will be too great. among them eight district virginia congressman who represents 65,000 federal employees, who believes that the president gave away too much in the negotiation. he spoke on the house floor two months ago. our producer has selected a part of the speech and the remarks of the maryland democrat who favors the legislation. >> we're going to have to deal with the debt
of handguns. 3 by unknown firearms. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put an armed police officer in every single school. >> that is the security stance of the national rifle association. in a texas school district, armed teachers do not protect the students. armed teachers due. >> many different people can be taught to act effectively guard others with firearms. >> but one lawmaker will vote against the that. >> for those who have a concealed carry permit, you cannot have that gun in a place where there is going to be children. you cannot bring it into a youth center, a library. you can most certainly not bring it into a school. this madness must stop. >> one more comment from state senator ferguson. he says this is a complex problem and it will take a complex solution. reporting live from the newsroom, barry simms, della's >> thanks, barry. 3 people have been charged in the death of a 21-year-old baltimore peon -- baltimore man. police say that asia la'trice cutler told her boyfriend donte harris. police say that's she told police she
but there's no deal expected in congress tonight. and that could mean a steep cost to you and the economy. >>> health scare for secretary of state hillary clinton, hospitalized with a blood clot near her brain. what her doctors are saying tonight. >>> flying high. we all know air travel can be no picnic. but tonight there's some good news. >>> and in with the new. ringing in 2013 all over the world. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening, i'm kate snow in tonight for brian, and on this new year's eve, lawmakers may be watching the ball drop from their offices at the u.s. capitol. it has been a day of twists and turns in washington, both procedural and political as the white house and congress tried to find a way to avert those automatic tax and spending measures that kick in midnight tonight. the bottom line at this hour, we are headed over the proverbial fiscal cliff. we say that because the senate hasn't voted on any kind of deal. you see it there live. and the house has said even if th
nd. 3 33 p, 3 3 congress has reached an &pagreement that keeps the fiscal cliff. as martha shade explains... theehouse of representatives voted tuesdaa niggt to approoe in the day. ill passed earrier - 3 &pthe nays are 167, the motion issadopted) the house aprroved the measure passed earllerrin the day by the senate. it raises taxes on individuuls earning moreethan 400-thousand more than 450-thousand dollars a year. it also exteeds unemmloyment benefits. spenddng cuts will not be addressed for two months -- which was a ddsappointment for many republicans. thh senate, the president and the vice &ppresident failed to meet thei obligation, their own statee ooligation whicc as to brrng us a balanced bill. one that also had spendinggcutss this one ffils at thaa and faiis badly. president obama pprisedd agreement that protects the miidle class. thanks to the votes of democrats nd republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises americans whiieepreventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and obviously had severe impact on famiiies al
of congress that they might forge a solution to assuage the concerns of their fellow citizens. >> reporter: house gop leadership is did call members back to work this sunday, prepared to work through new year's. republican leaders say they would give in on higher taxes, but not more government spending. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check or anything senate democrats put forward, just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. that wouldn't be fair to the american people. >> reporter: beyond the bitter politics is a real-world consequence. >> anyone who has regular salary or wage income, starting next week, is going to see 2% less in their paycheck because the payroll tax holiday will end. so start to budget for that thing right now. >> reporter: and other kinds of taxes will go up too, like higher rates, so american families will feel it even more. but if this does go past january, there is a political reset. instead of congress voting to raise taxes, all those rates will have gone higher, so they're able to say they're voting to lower some taxes, and that makes a
are putting their lives on the line for us, and we on this committee and in this congress have no less of a duty to them. i yield back the balance of my time coming and i am pleased to yield to my good friend, the ranking member mr. berman of california. >> thank you very much, madam share, for convening this hearing to continue our examination of how we should give our government officials serving around the world the necessary protection to carry out their jobs. first i would like to wish secretary clinton a speedy recovery and hope she gets some well-deserved rest. as she nears the end of her service as the secretary of state, i think it is inappropriate time to recognize the strong and steadfast leadership she has demonstrated over the past four years. among her achievements, she has the the problems of women and girls in the forefront and helped make their voices heard around the world. the secretary has brought needed attention to the danger of the repressive governments including the important emphasis on the internet freedom. she initiated the quadrennial diplomacy and developm
has a stern warning for kopg. >> i had not have another he at the badebate with congress on whether she thud pay the bills on the debt they stacked up. >>> a packed two hours ahead. joined by steve israel. marsha blackburn, jen psaki, president obama's traveling press secretary, and diane swonk and connecticut attorney irving pinsky. >>> wednesday, january 2 know, starting point begins right now. > >>> our "starting point," what on earth just happened? financial markets up, but it took one fractured vote to make it happen. let's recap. late last night, the house of representatives passed the senate's fiscal cliff bill. the final tally, 257-167, and while 151 republicans voted no, it is worth noting its speaker, john boehner, voted yes, so did paul ryan, by the way. here is the deal that took over 500 days to seal. no tax hikes for couples earning less than $ 450,000 a year. itemized deductions, and unemployment benefits extended and alternative minimum tax adjusted for inflation. >> here is the deal. what the deal doesn't address is federal spending. drastic domestic and defense cut
a fair shot at? >> martin, it starts with the beginning of this congress that has, you know, basically the last two years, seen historic failure after historic failure regrettably. >> on both party sides? >> on both parties, both branches of government, we are not engaged, wasted time, had recess upon recess, didn't have full workweeks. i mean, the list goes on. and unfortunately, we are in this position today that regrettably imposes a tremendous hardship and burden on the average american. i think there's a serious detachment between washington and the rest of america, frankly. they deal so casually you we will deal with it next year or some other time, not realizing the affects it is having on that person who is worrying, are my taxes going to go up, enough money to pay for my food budget or gas budget, whether or not i will have a job or whether or not companies continue to invest and to create jobs, let alone laying off people because they -- of the uncertainty that's been created and created and perpetuated by congress. and all of this could have been avoided. we should have been
for action. the latest news out of washington tonight, treasury secretary tim geithner told congress that the country will hit the debt ceiling on december 31st, new year's eve, some two months earlier than expected. but there is still no date yet on when the house of representatives will be called into session to veto a vote on any deal. president obama cut his hawaiian vacation short and is due to land in washington tomorrow. but if politicians aren't feeling enough urgency, the american people certainly are. a new gallup poll shows that 50% of americans think a deal is likely. that's down nine points from just a few weeks ago. if we go over the cliff, it will affect all of us. if you're a family that makes $50,000 a year, your taxes will go up by $2,000. if you make $100,000, your taxes will go up by $4600. the combination of tax hikes and deep spending cuts could end up looking a little bit like this, over the cliff in a free fall. whiskey and cigarettes in hand. "outfront" we have the view from both sides of the aisle. democrat from arizona and republican from wisconsin. earlier
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